Server Rules

General Rules

These rules pertain to all players in general:

  1. No griefing on or near claimed structures. Griefing unclaimed buildings is allowed.
    1. The radius for griefing near a claimed area is roughly 20 blocks, however this may vary depending on the severity of the grief.
  2. No PVP logging or spawn/PVP camping in general.
  3. No spamming, capslocking, major profanity, or bypassing the filter.
    1. Spamming includes commands, such as /tpa.
    2. This is a PG-13 server. Any bypassing of the filter results in strict punishment. Staff reserve the right to decide what is not appropriate for chat.
  4. No sexism, racism, homophobia or any type of hate speech!
    1. This is a safe space environment. We do not tolerate ANY hate speech what so ever.
    2. Jokes that play on gender, race, etc: If you make a joke about someone based on any of those factors, and they do not find it funny, you have broken the rules. It does not matter if you were "just kidding"
  5. No advertising other servers. Only advertise player shops or town recruitments once an hour.
    1. Youtube channels fall under the "Once an hour" rule.
  6. Respect all Staff directions and orders (A list of staff can be found with /staff).
    1. Staff are here to enforce rules and keep order on the server. If you feel like a staff member is abusing their power, please contact us via the Contact page, and provide evidence (screenshots, recordings, etc.) if possible. DO NOT confront the staff member directly as that may be seen as a sign of disrespect, and could land you in trouble. We take all reports of staff abuse seriously and will investigate the matter.
  7. No Mods/Hacks or X-Ray Packs, unless approved by Staff. Optifine, Shaders, and MapWriter pre-approved.
    1. A list will be complied of all approved mods shortly.
  8. No anti-afk machines, large auto-farms, or laggy redstone machines.
  9. No asking for a rank/op.
  10. Staff reserve the right to deem a player's behavior toxic/disruptive to the server community.
    1. This is a rule that allows for Staff Members to remove toxic players from the community in order to preserve order and maximize enjoyment for the greater sum of players.
  11. Player Built Shops/Arenas may have their own rules. Property owner may enforce them, unless stated by Staff. Everything is still subject to Server Rules.
    1. Server rules take precedence above all others first.

OP/Staff Rules

These rules pertain to all staff (and server operators) on top of the normal rules:

  1. Be responsible with your position as a staff member. Remember that you represent the face of NobleBending.
  2. Only use your commands as directed by the Staff Tutorials page and/or as approved by Head Staff. Using commands to give yourself advantages above other players or cheat in survival/PvP is considered abuse.
  3. Do not spawn blocks or items for other players unless instructed to by an Administrator (Admin)
  4. Staff members are never allowed to raid/grief player structures, even if they are unclaimed.
  5. All server rules still apply to you. Staff are here to enforce the rules, not act above them.
  6. Do not use your authority as a staff member for anything other than keeping order within Server Rules. Treat ALL players equally when enforcing rules.
  7. You may still play the game normally like other players, however staff duties/jobs come first.
  8. Any staff member ranked above you has more authority than you. Moderator/Helper are on the same level.
  9. Server Operators ('OPs'): You must be responsible with your 'avatar' privileges and follow the arena guidelines for Opped staff. Bloodbending/Avatar State is NEVER allowed in PvP combat with normal players. Please consult FearlessFrost with questions.

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