Server Information

Server Information

NobleBending is a community survival Minecraft server based around the "Avatar Franchise" plugin ProjectKorra.

ProjectKorra, also known as the "bending plugin," allows players to choose from four in-game elements; fire, water, earth, and air, or alternatively chi blocking, which each have their own unique move sets that players learn to utilize in survival gameplay and PvP combat.

Besides our core plugin ProjectKorra, we also offer these main features:

  • Self-Serve Land Protection - Players can utilize PreciousStones to protect their claims from grief and raiding with claim stones (Given for free from /warp stones in-game). No more waiting on an admin to claim your house for you, or worrying about your land being vulnerable to raiders because you died!
  • Towns - Rather live in a community than forge your own way in survival? Join a Town! We offer a custom solution for players to form united communities and work together, all based off of standard protection claims. You can use /towns list in-game to see current town listings.
  • Economy - We offer a full virtual economy, supported by server shops (/warp shops in-game) and player-ran Chestshops. Players can also collect "physical" economy emeralds for use in purchasing special goods at /warp emeraldshop.
  • In-game Tutorials - We offer a full set of tutorials on our key plugins in-game at /warp tutorials.
  • Arenas - We currently have 2 arenas, the ever popular bending-only arena, and Anarchy which allows for battles with bending and weapons.
  • Filtered Channel Chat - Don't like seeing excessive swearing and vulgarities while playing Minecraft? We don't either, thats why we established a comprehensive filter solution to help keep chat at a PG-13 level. In addition, our chat is broken up into channels for user convenience.
  • 3 SetHomes, /tpa access, and /back access for all users.
  • Plus Dynmap, Trading, Pets, Automatic Inventory Sorting (Like NEI, no client side mod required!), and more!

NobleBending was founded by BlandSoda, with help from FearlessFrost. They envisioned a better server experience, one free from staff abuse where community building could thrive. In the last 2 years, they've reached that standard with a hand-picked staff team and a dedicated community of members.

Ready to join? Our IP is . We look forward to welcoming you to our community!

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