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    Hi all,

    It has been a while since I have posted and spoken to many of you. The last few months have been really hard on me and I've had a lot of health, legal, school, and work issues to take care of. Now that summer is here, I'm looking to take in as much input as possible to start getting us back on the right track.

    Please have a look at my "brainstorming" post here:

    Give that post a read and share your thoughts with me! The more input I get, the faster I can start making changes and making things happen!

    Other news:

    We now have an official discord server! You can join it here:
    Discord is a safe alternative to Skype, and is a great way to connect with other server users! Note: We use high security settings, so new users will need to wait 10 mins before being able to chat on the server. Please take that time to read the welcome post!

    Looking forward to reconnecting with you all!

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